Top Tips for Starting With a Hunting Dog

Hunting DogIf you are interested in getting into hunting with the assistance of a faithful pooch, then there are a few things you need to know before you hit the ground running. Follow a few of these basic tips and you’ll surely raise a hunting dog that will make you proud.

Use Patience

Your new dog is dealing with a lot in its first couple years. There is a lot for a new puppy to explore and see, so it is important to stay patient when you’re starting your training. You’ll be working on their sense of smell, work ethic, internal drive and so on. With so much to do, it is important to remember that your dog will get it with time.

Crate Training

Get your new hunting pup used to traveling from place to place or spending time while you’re away within its crate. It is important to buy a crate with enough space for your pup so that your dog becomes comfortable inside. Prepare the dog for longer travel by taking them along on short trips and errands so they can get used to the sensation of moving on the road.

Promote Socialization

It is also important to ensure that your dog is getting around and socializing as soon as they are old enough to do so. Bring your pup to the park or a basic obedience class if you don’t have other dogs to help him or her become a well-rounded dog.

Field Work

Get your dog out in the open and practice field work. Bring your dogs to the places where they might end up hunting in the future and let them explore. While they are out there, your pup will also work on their confidence and predatory drive as they chase birds and other small prey. Letting them out in the open to run and chase is a primary building block to training a successful hunting dog.

Water Skills

Your prey won’t always be on land, so why should your dog? Get your pup into water work early in their life to get them used to getting through lakes and streams without difficulty or stress. Swimming or wading as a pup will make them more comfortable with it when on the hunt.

Bird Work

If you intend to hunt birds, then they need to know what they’re looking for. Gun Dog recommends starting them off easy with a dead pigeon to see how your dog reacts. Remember to keep the pup calm as you introduce it to the new animal and modify your training approach necessary. The most important part of this training is to make sure that your pup knows not to bite down or shake the bird so that they don’t mishandle your kills during an actual hunt.

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