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Mr. Bobby Stewart, the founder of Stewart’s British Kennels, is the man that got me started with my British lines. Mr Bobby has been training dogs for over 40 years, and when he started with the British lines was the only breeder, trainer, handler in the country. Thank’s to Bobby, I have also become a breeder, trainer, and handler! If you have any questions that you would like an answer from someone other than myself, Please Give Mr. Bobby Stewart a call at 662-234-1288. Mr. Bobby has since retired from the kennel, but is still very in the know for the British lines and especially the dogs that I have.

Please call Tom Poorker for his evaluation of our line of dogs. Tom has been a professional trainer for over 20 years and has been guiding upland and waterfowl hunts for 15 years. Tom is also a certified AKC hunt test judge and with his wife, Stacey, are owners of Midwest Gun Dog Kennels in Foreston, Minnesota. He has had success in every level of the hunt test having master, senior, and junior titled dogs to his credit. So please give Tom a call at 320-294-5802. He will be more than happy to talk with you.


Hey Kim,

River’s first hunt was Saturday Sept 1st. She did very well. This little pup is ALL retriever. She will be 1 year old on October 25th. She is steady to shot, sits beautifully on whistle, and brings to hand at heel and holds until I ask her to “give.” River even holds her bird while I shoot another. Her “overs” left a little to be desired, but I’m chalking that up to first hunt excitement, and the fact that there were feathers all over the ground that might have been confusing. In practice she “overs” like a champ. I was very impressed with her, as were all our guests that came along. She works without flaw without an e-collar, but I put one on her as a precaution, more for the fact that I hadn’t hunted with some of the guys out there before and wanted her to be safe. I didn’t use it Sunday, and there was no difference in her working. She is fantastic!! Thank you so much for such a terrific puppy! She was very easy to train. I can’t describe how thrilled I was with her first dove. She was officially my retriever!!! Well, look forward to seeing you, take care. Here are a bunch of pictures for you to see. Thanks again.


P.S. Britton just wanted to let you know they shot 84 doves in the morning that Opal got and 96 that afternoon of which River did 59, with multiple blind retrieves. Not too bad for my pup’s first hunt!!! (832) 326-6351 or (936) 445-2029 or e-mail benelligold12ga@aol.com

Tim and I got the opportunity to go to Texas and hunt Waterfowl for 5 days with Britton, Dawn and River. At just over 14 months of age they are already using River when out guiding hunts, she does an excellent job. The hunting was great and we very much look forward to getting down there next January to hunt again. If you’re looking for a great winter hunt, please give Britton and Dawn a call to set up a hunt. They are very good at what they do and you couldn’t ask for better people to spend a few days with.

Merry Christmas Kim and Tim,

I thought I would just drop you guys a note to tell you Scout is a wonderful dog, and I could not be more happy with her. She was born March 3, or 4th 2004, from Jasmine and Coby. It has been a blast to watch her develop in the field and duck blind this year. Scout has an amazing nose and just a fantastic personality. The picture below is from last Saturday in SD, Scouts first trip out there. 3 of us shot 27 roosters and Scout caught 2 hens and 1 rooster herself.

Have a great holiday.

Robert Slavik

If you need an additional reference don’t hesitate to give anyone my name, number or email address, 612-875-3210


Attached is a picture of my lab Sam I got last = December out of Coby and Maggie. He will be one year old this week and he is = working out very well. Sam is an extremely bright, steady and easily = managed dog and he has fetched well over 100 ducks this year. Probably too = many for such a young dog, but he loves it and it makes the whole experience that = much more enjoyable.

On retrieves over water he is absolutely fearless and = we will not quit until the job is done! On one retrieve I thought I = might loose him has he got out in big water on a windy day and the waves were pounding him bad. I had difficulty calling him back because he = could not hear me over the wind. He did not get that duck but only because = he started taking on water. I was very worried that he would not make = it back to shore, but fortunately he plowed back safety about 60 yards down = the shore from where he entered. I was also worried that the = experience would make him shy away from water. We moved to a calmer/safer location = and he hit the water running on the next downed mallard. The experience = did not phase him and he was right back in the = game.

Sam has run down several wounded geese and he also = took on a slightly crippled 20 lb. tundra swan without hesitation. After an approximate 300 yard sprint following a blood trail through a picked = cornfield he plowed the swan over and held him down for several minutes until I = could catch up. He also has a great nose and has located many cripples = in heavy cover.

Sam has a very soft mouth but not sloppy and he has = always delivered to hand with NO force fetching required! He is an = absolute retrieving machine to the point where it can be a pain. Whether in = the house or out in the field he always has to be carrying something in his = mouth. If he does not have a duck in his mouth he will pickup a spent shotgun = shell and hold it until there is something with = feathers.
The only issue I have with him is when walking for = pheasants. Sam is a “leg hugger” and it is difficult to get him out in = front and work cover. He wants to walk by my side at all times unless a retrieve has been called. I have not run him with other dogs and I = fully expect that given time and possibly working with a good experienced = pheasant dog he will quickly catch on.

I am very happy with my pup and would buy another and = would have no difficulty in recommending your dogs to = another.

Thanks again Kim!

Best Regards,
Jeff Hennen

Hi Kim,

I have attached a picture of Monty and two pheasants that we got on Tuesday, Dec 19. Monty just turned 8 Months on Monday. We got 7 pheasants this year with Monty which is pretty good I think, both because of his age and the fact that we pretty much only hunted public areas within 15 miles of Fergus Falls, MN. He is a joy to hunt with because he stays within 30-40 yards of you, and has picked up on his obedience training very easily. Others that have hunted with him agree. I really only need to spend 5 minuets a day, 4 or 5 days a week working with him for a couple months, and I never had to use much correction or an e-collar, just a few treats now and then. I look forward to getting out to your place this spring and summer if you buys are still doing the hunt test club then. Have a nice Holiday and talk to you soon.

Craig Gantner.

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