Tips for Grouse Hunting with Your Labrador

Tips for Grouse Hunting with Your Labrador

If you’ve chosen a Labrador as your bird hunting breed of choice, then you’ve chosen well.

The challenges that grouse hunting presents are exciting for Labrador breeds.

Why Labradors 

Labradors make great grouse hunting dogs because of their exceptional smell and sight pointing. These traits allow them to maneuver the land like an obstacle course when hunting grouse, which are known for being skittish species.

In addition to their resilience and ability to quickly bounce back from injury, Labradors are also known for their agility and alertness. With a Labrador by your side, you’re guaranteed to spend more time hunting than sniffing out dead grouse, which the dog also excels at. More time spent on hunting means you can get more shots in, and more chances to land those grouse.

Use the Wind

When grouse suck their feathers in, they don’t give off a strong scent. It’s important to train your Labrador to cover the same area multiple times. If they don’t, the grouse will contract then immediately release after your dog passes through and you will have missed out on some great catches. Always use the wind to your advantage; catch its direction whenever possible to snipe out those scents.

Build Trust

As with any type of hunting dog, trust is crucial. Trust their noses when it comes to grouse patterns when out on hunting terrain. Grouse tend to move from one side to another once they land on the ground. Before angling your dog on a hunch as to where you think the bird may have landed, trust your Labrador’s instincts and always keep track of his next move.

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