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How to Calm a Lab Puppy

Puppy Training Tips

Do you have a Labrador puppy that gets overexcited very easily? It’s not uncommon at all for this to happen. Labs are known for having a lot of extra energy, and puppies, in particular, will often struggle to contain themselves when they are feeling energetic. There are simple steps you can take to calm a… Read more »

Caring for an Aging Labrador

Labrador Advice

Do you have a Labrador that is starting to age? If so, it’s important for you to start taking your dog to the veterinarian more often. While annual checkups are just fine for puppies and younger dogs, senior Labradors should make it to the vet at least once every six months. This will allow the… Read more »

It’s Still Hot Out there – Keep Your Labrador Safe

Protecting Your Lab in Summer

You may start to see the kids return to school and the blockbusters leave the multiplex, but don’t be fooled, summer is far from over. The official end of summer isn’t until September 22nd, and that means that we are still susceptible to the season’s effects and although it might feel like it is over,… Read more »

How to Travel With Your Labrador

Labrador Tips

Summer is upon us, and if you have some vacation planned in the next few weeks, you’re probably starting to prepare for it. If you are bringing your Labrador along with you on vacation, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind as you travel. Get Them Comfortable If your lab isn’t… Read more »

Dangerous Plants for Dogs

Black Labs

Did you know that some plants that are often found in your garden or in your home, can be harmful to your dog if they’re ingested? Many of us create a luscious garden space in summer months, and often bring fresh flowers inside, and it’s important to educate yourself on plants that are harmful to… Read more »

Top Natural Snacks for Your Labrador

Loving your lab means treating them like family and that makes it hard to resist the urge to give them human scraps when they gaze up with hopeful eyes. Often times, human food can be difficult for dogs to digest. However, there are plenty of natural snacks that are good for dogs, labs included. They’ll… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Hunting Dogs

Hunting Labrador in Snow

A new year means a fresh new start. If you are hunter, there are many aspects to improve upon, from your health and your skills as a hunter to the companionship between you and your hunting dogs. Think about your involvement with hunting and how you can become an even better sportsman. There are many… Read more »

Winter and Your Dog: Hunting in Snow and Cold

Winter Hunting With Your Dog

Winter is now ramping up, and if you are a hunter who loves to hunt with your dog in the snowy season you are about to be one happy camper! Going out into the winter tundra with your dog can be a blast, but remember that your dog needs to be safe in the elements… Read more »

Training and Reinforcing Retrieval Skills

Training a Hunting Dog

Labrador retrievers make excellent hunting companions. As their name suggest, the breed is well known for their skill with retrieving birds during hunting trips – not to mention keeping you company as you hunt. However, to make the most of their unique abilities as hunting dogs, you need to train labs properly or have them… Read more »