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Training and Reinforcing Retrieval Skills

Training a Hunting Dog

Labrador retrievers make excellent hunting companions. As their name suggest, the breed is well known for their skill with retrieving birds during hunting trips – not to mention keeping you company as you hunt. However, to make the most of their unique abilities as hunting dogs, you need to train labs properly or have them… Read more »

Labradors: 25 Years as America’s Top Dog

Once again, Labrador retrievers have been labeled America’s Top Dog for 2015 by the American Kennel Club. What’s the difference about the label this time? This year marks 25 consecutive years that Labradors have been No. 1 on the AKC’s list – the longest reign of any dog breed on the AKC’s list. While some… Read more »

Recommended Diet For Hunting Dogs

Hunting dogs require a different diet than your typical domestic family dog. Bread to spend entire days out in the field with their human counterpart; these dogs have to have stamina and focus. There is no option for them to eat in the middle of a hunt nor can they be distracted with treats or… Read more »

Training your Dog to Hunt Waterfowl

Training your dog in general can be one of the most difficult tasks alone, but when you’re thinking about training your companion to accompany you on a hunting trip there are many integral steps that you’ll want to follow to ensure complete success. Your first order of business will be to research different breeds of… Read more »