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Tips for Grouse Hunting with Your Labrador

If you’ve chosen a Labrador as your bird hunting breed of choice, then you’ve chosen well. The challenges that grouse hunting presents are exciting for Labrador breeds. Why Labradors  Labradors make great grouse hunting dogs because of their exceptional smell and sight pointing. These traits allow them to maneuver the land like an obstacle course… Read more »

Why Are Labradors Such Good Hunting Dogs?

If you are currently looking for a good hunting dog, there’s no dog quite like the Labrador retriever. Hunters have relied on Labradors for generations, and continue to turn to them today for their hunting prowess. But what makes the lab such a great hunting companion? Let’s explore a few of the reasons Labradors excel… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Hunting Dogs

Hunting Labrador in Snow

A new year means a fresh new start. If you are hunter, there are many aspects to improve upon, from your health and your skills as a hunter to the companionship between you and your hunting dogs. Think about your involvement with hunting and how you can become an even better sportsman. There are many… Read more »

Winter and Your Dog: Hunting in Snow and Cold

Winter Hunting With Your Dog

Winter is now ramping up, and if you are a hunter who loves to hunt with your dog in the snowy season you are about to be one happy camper! Going out into the winter tundra with your dog can be a blast, but remember that your dog needs to be safe in the elements… Read more »

Top Tips for Starting With a Hunting Dog

If you are interested in getting into hunting with the assistance of a faithful pooch, then there are a few things you need to know before you hit the ground running. Follow a few of these basic tips and you’ll surely raise a hunting dog that will make you proud. Use Patience Your new dog… Read more »

Four Key Care Tips for Your Hunting Dogs

Hunting dogs are more than just a living, breathing hunting partner. These dogs are also often a beloved family pet or canine companion. Taking great care of your hunting dogs should be a given. Here are four key care tips to keep your hunting dogs happy and healthy. Routine Care It’s easy to forget about… Read more »

Dog or Man?: Who’s to Blame for Training Failures

British Labrador Breeder in Minnesota

If you are new to dog training, especially training a gun dog, then you may find yourself feeling let down when your pooch doesn’t follow the commands you took so long to teach him. However, before you blame the dog, you may have to look back at your training methods. Sometimes it is not the… Read more »

Keeping Sharp in the Off Season

Hunting Dog Training

When dogs are actively hunting on a regular basis, it’s easy for them to keep their senses sharp. They are taking everything that they’ve been taught – in addition to using their natural instincts – and hunting to the best of their abilities. But what happens during the offseason when they aren’t being forced to… Read more »

Common Traits in Hunting Dogs


Do you know if your dog exhibits some of the key traits commonly associated with hunting dogs? Many dog breeds, Labradors included, were originally bred to assist owners with hunting tasks. Many dogs have heightened senses of smell which often make them good hunters. However, any dogs would not make great hunters. Hunting dogs were… Read more »