Fast Facts About Your Dog’s Ears

Dog EarsFor some dog owners, their pet’s ears are their favorite thing about their beloved pet. Unfortunately, not many people know that their dog’s ears can be a breeding ground of trouble. Here are a few things you need to know about your four-legged friend’s ears.


While our ear canals are just a simple, fairly straight tube, a dog’s ear canal travels at a 45-degree angle. This corner helps to trap debris, dirt and yeast before it reaches their eardrum. However, if their ears aren’t regularly cared for, all of the previously mentioned irritants can get lodged in your pup’s ear, causing irritation and even ear infections. Make it a point to keep an eye on your dog’s ears regularly and clean out your pup’s ears regularly to help prevent infections.

Ear Problems Are Very Common

Not many pet owners know this, but ear conditions were the top reason why dogs visited their veterinarians last year, according to I Heart Dogs. Among the most common conditions were bacterial infections, yeast, parasites, allergies and injuries of the ears. If your dog has one of these issues, just know you aren’t the only one and your vet is more than ready to handle it.

Hidden Problems

Just because your dog might not look like they are having an issue with their ear, it doesn’t mean that there might be a problem that’s not visible to you. That’s why it’s important to know the signs of ear issues in your dog. Some of the most common symptoms are a dog that obsessively licks at one of their paws, shows shaking throughout their whole body, develops a grouchy or irritated demeanor, or if they stop coming when you call them. This isn’t to say there aren’t obvious signs in some cases, but those should be spotted easily, whereas these symptoms may be less obvious signs of a hidden problem.

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