Must Have Gear for Hunting Dogs

Hunting Tips with Labs

As we transition into hunting season, it is important to make sure that your Labrador is equipped with what it needs to hunt well.

If you and your Labrador are hitting the woods this season to do some hunting, consider purchasing some gear that will help make it easier and safer.

We have highlighted a few of our favorite items that you should have in your truck before you head out hunting.

Tracking Collar

Consider purchasing a tracking collar, such as the TEK Series 2.0 GPS + E-Collar which can help you control, track, and train your dog. This collar can track up to a 10-mile range and can track up to 21 dogs at once on just one simple screen. It also comes loaded with topographical maps which simplifies tracking. It is waterproof, Bluetooth compatible, and has rechargeable batteries.

ID Tags

Before you head out hunting, make sure that your dog’s ID tags are updated with your current phone number and address first. If your dog is new to hunting, there is a chance that the dog might spook and take off. Unfortunately, this is often a risk when hunting. Make sure that their ID tag has all of the information that someone would need to return them.

Boots and Vest

The days are getting cooler and your dog should be well protected from the elements when hunting outside. Plus, proper attire (such as a bright orange coat) is important for hunting dogs so other hunters can tell that it is a dog from a distance. Bring a vest and booties for your dog incase temperatures turn wet or cold.

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