A Few Tips for the New Quail Hunter

Quail hunting is a great sport to get into. It is challenging, fun and rewarding. But not unlike any other hunting trip, a few words of advice can come in handy. So once you suit up with the right gear and gun, be sure to remember a few pointers, useful for both new and veteran quail hunters.

Given bobwhite quail are extremely shy birds that camouflage themselves to stay undetected they are also an extremely challenging bird to hunt. With an undeniable call resembling “bob…bobwhite” when it whistles, they are also very unique and an ideal bird for the avian hunting enthusiast. But with the help of a well-trained retriever dogs, no hunting challenge is too great.

A hunting retriever is useful on so many levels. They will help you stalk and track the ever elusive quail. And given the quail loves underbrush and often difficult to reach places, an excellent dog will also retrieve your kill. A retriever will not only function as a perfect utility component to your hunt, he will also offer you companionship on long days in the woods.

Obviously exercising gun safety is a paramount. Gun muzzles should be pointed skyward and the shotgun on safety until mounted to one’s shoulder. A quail hunter should never take a shot at a low flying quail that would cause him to lower the muzzle of his shotgun below a horizontal plane of the ground, to avoid shooting fellow hunters or dogs.

Employing a few pointers from the experts will make your hunting trip as safe, successful and fun as possible. The thrill of hunting and being outdoors with your friends or family is an experience to remember for a lifetime. And if you bag a few feathers, it’s all the more fun.

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